FNT Command

for IT Management


FNT Command for IT Management is based on a modular, user-friendly standard software product implemented as a web-based solution with multi-client, multilingual, and multi-user capability. Over the past 20 years, the software has been developed and continuously updated in close cooperation with FNT customers and in response to changing market demands. Featuring a single, integrated data model, the centralized system provides a full range of functionality for management and planning of your entire IT landscape.

All basic functions are included in the following two modules:

C base

The base module of FNT Command for integrated asset, infrastructure, and service management, including a CI library with more than 70,000 predefined items, planning functions, accessory management, lifecycle management, and data import functions for standard formats

C line

Comprehensive documentation and management of physical infrastructures and cabling, including graphical views of switch cabinets, integrated inventory management, end-to-end signal tracing, and network visualization

Modular functionality

Your scalable solution can be expanded easily and flexibly by adding additional functionality to meet specific business needs. Click on the names below to learn more about the individual modules.

Client Management

End-to-end transparency in the management of clients with their dependencies on components, software installations, contracts, and SLAs

IP Management

Transparent management of extensive IP networks and IP addresses for multiple network types, including VLAN

Process Automation

Automation and orchestration for greater efficiency in recurring business processes using a flexible workflow management system with graphical process modeling and comprehensive process monitoring functionality

Server Management

End-to-end planning and documentation of modern server infrastructures enables targeted prevention of system faults and performance losses

Service Asset Management

Efficient IT service management with service-oriented visualization of CIs in heterogeneous IT landscapes supports faster fault impact analysis

Signal Management

Intelligent analysis and display of network structures and multiple transmission technologies along with their services and signal paths, including cross-media auto-routing, physical and logical terminal devices, and documentation of redundant signal paths

Software Management

Centralized, Enterprise-Wide Planning and Management of Software Products, Installations, and Licenses

Query Editor

Generate individual database queries and reports for task-specific analysis and decision-making processes


FNT Command


Convenient integration of external systems via connectivity layer

Depending on the individual task and purpose, you can view and manage your IT infrastructure in different ways. By combining the technical view with more commercial aspects, you can increase the quality and integrity of your data. FNT Command is based on an open system architecture that allows complete and seamless integration with external applications.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Comprehensive web service interface for easy integration of external software systems and applications, including uni- and bidirectional interfaces for simple and complex data types

Interface for StableNet

Automated asset and inventory management with a predefined, bidirectional interface for Infosim StableNet® for quick documentation of the physical network

Interface for Telephone Systems

Predefined interface for comparing and importing hardware objects and telephone numbers from telephone systems and telephone servers

ETL Technology

Exchanging, comparing, and importing large quantities of heterogeneous data with a powerful ETL tool that offers visual configuration of interfaces, an extensive set of connectors, and rule-based data mapping