Whitepaper: The Key Role Resource Management Plays in 5G

The Key Role Resource Management Plays in 5G

Operators globally are investing tens of billions of dollars in 5G networks and spectrum and have great expectations for future revenue opportunities enabled by the technology. Omdia research forecasts that global 5G services revenue will grow to $540.1bn by 2026. The potential of the technology extends well beyond the mobile industry itself, as 5G is set to become a critical component of the digital economy and the next generation of industrial technology, Industry 4.0. 5G itself needs a set of enabling technologies, including network slicing, automation, and virtualization. Much less covered, however, is the role of resource management in 5G.

This white paper focuses specifically on the role of unified resource management in successful 5G strategies. It describes a set of key characteristics for 5G networks and details how unified resource management is important for each. The paper concludes with the key details to seek in resource management in a 5G environment.

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