Partner Solution Paper

Augmented Reality Brings your DCIM to the Next Level

Increase the Efficiency of your Data Center Staff with AR-supported Infrastructure Management and Operations

What started in the 90s and was a vague vision of the future for most people back then, has now become part of our everyday lives. The possibilities that augmented reality (AR) offers us are extensive. Following this trend, the state-of-the-art technology is now also bringing innovations to data centers.

Data centers nowadays are not only growing but constantly evolving. Spanning up to almost 1.000.000 m², modern data centers include cutting-edge technology and equipment as well as virtual assets like cloud-based resources. These infrastructures are best handled with a solid and future-proof Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tool. Future-proof DCIM tools not only help organizations cope with the new market-given requirements, they also build the base for unlocking new, innovative and efficient ways to manage and operate your Data Center – such as AR.

Read all about the benefits of AR-driven DCIM in our brand new Partner Solution Paper and learn how the joint solution of FNT and Inceptum takes your DCIM to the next level!


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