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81 %
of customers prioritize the network when selecting a colocation service provider

Software for Efficient Delivery and Operation of Today’s Expanded Networking Services Portfolio

Digitalization is changing tenants’ workloads. Managing these new workloads requires connectivity to support fast direct connects, speedy on-ramps to public clouds, and reliable cross connects with partners. Network choice and capacity are often deciding factors when businesses evaluate colocation services providers.

FNT’s software-based data center connectivity management solution – FNT Command – ensures your infrastructure supports an expanded connectivity services portfolio. It goes beyond the physical critical infrastructure layer to also support networking services.

FNT Helps MTDCs Win Today’s New Breed of Customer

MTDCs that can connect their customers to the cloud, to partners and to other data centers with fast and reliable network connections will be the ones that succeed in today’s digital world. That’s why leading MTDCs rely on FNT. Our software for data access, integration and analysis supports these connections, so hosting providers are positioned to play an integral role in their customers’ changing data center strategy. Their networks will deliver what today’s customers demand:

bandwidth to guarantee fault-free inter- and intra-connections
low latency
high resiliency/redundancy

Deciding what connectivity services to offer is the easy part. Operationalizing a connectivity strategy is difficult. You’ll need to manage a hybrid infrastructure, which requires standardizing and harmonizing complex network operations. The most important action MTDCs can take is to upgrade their infrastructure and adopt the enabling technologies for interconnection-oriented services.

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White Paper

The Truth about Connectivity

More businesses are opting to collocate today, and the types of services they want are expanding. As traditional services become commoditized, colos must find new ways to differentiate themselves and provide added value to their customers. Successful colos will be those that leverage new and emerging connectivity services to distinguish themselves from competitors.

Learn how to differentiate your facility with new business models centered around emerging connectivity services.

FNT Supports a Modern Infrastructure to Handle Today’s Digital Demands. Our Solution Includes:

FNT’s Integrated Asset and Resource Repository

A centralized master reference database with end-to-end coverage of your multi-vendor, multi-technology network.

  • Documents all physical and virtual capacities and the logical connections throughout the colo facility
  • Vendor agnostic and carrier neutral
  • Tracks relations and dependencies of the multi-hierarchical transport network, from cable infrastructure up to services
  • Dynamically updates for a revision-secure inventory
  • Integrates with key systems to consolidate and share data for informed decisions

FNT Command Software

A network and service resource management system that enables efficient planning and management processes for all services in the data center.

  • Automates and streamlines processes to provide better service at lower costs
  • Validation rules based on medium, connector and wire type prevent planning errors
  • Assigns resources to customers for quick and easy provisioning of new services and automation of accurate and timely billing
  • Auto-routes new connections and runs signal tracing throughout the entire network
  • Minimizes issue resolution time with direct impact analysis
  • Supports root cause analysis and optimizes maintenance window management

It’s Time for Colos and MTDCs to Reevaluate their Connectivity Management System

The market is growing and internet traffic is increasing. To capitalize on the exciting opportunities ahead, you need to be sure your communications network can withstand the added pressure of new customer demands.

See the projected outlook for colos and understand what’s needed to stay competitive.

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Feature Videos

Watch our 3 short videos for a brief overview of how colocation providers use FNT’s comprehensive data center connectivity management solution to perform capacity management, connectivity planning and impact analysis.


Colocation Connectivity Management

MTDCs and hosting providers will only be able to win a competitive advantage in today’s market if they can deliver the products and services their customers want. And what they want is connectivity.

Watch our webinar, Colocation Connectivity Management, with 451 Research Analyst Andy Lawrence and learn how to compete effectively in today’s connected digital market.

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