IT Infrastructure: Networks - Servers - Storage

Connect Data

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of customers want a consistent view of key metrics across multiple colo facilities

Respond Quickly to Information Needs of Your Customers

In today’s digital world, it can be overwhelming for colo customers to keep track of all the components in their leased space. FNT helps you make it easier for them by providing the reports and dashboards they need to regain control over their distributed assets.

FNT‘s solution allows you to automatically unify data from multiple sources, sites and technologies – without the need for costly customizations.

FNT Helps Colos Deliver Tenants Complete Transparency on Environmental Conditions by Gathering, Consolidating and Presenting Data

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Building Infrastructure: Power - Cooling - Floorspace
Connect Customers
Enable colo tenants to manage their outsourced IT and use of colocation space.
IT Infrastructure: Networks - Servers - Storage
Connect Data
Respond quickly to information needs of your customers.
Connect Services
Gain transparency across the network to give tenants high-quality connections they need to run their businesses.

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The data center market is being impacted by digital transformation and the shift to the cloud, with operators seeing their business models affected accordingly. Under pressure from hyperscalers and customers, colocation providers must respond to this new reality. Their business processes and technical systems need to be efficient and modern, fast and secure, transparent and flexible. Is that even possible? Colocation providers are not typically regarded as innovators, but in their role as enablers they must move with the times and be able to implement customized solutions quickly.

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