FNT ServicePlanet Service Inventory

FNT ServicePlanet Service Inventory

Prerequisite: FNT ServicePlanet bE_Methode®

In this course, the handling of FNT ServicePlanet will be explained and practiced with the help of a case study. The focus is on Service Inventory and its contents.
During the training, each participant will independently instantiate the products created in the first part of the training within the framework of a case study. Step by step you will be guided with the bE_Method® so that you will be able to create services and fill your service inventory by yourself. This training does not contain any training of the bE_Method®, however, certain aspects are briefly repeated in order to put them to practice in the tool afterwards.
Status changes will be made to the services created to explain the lifecycle of services. You will then be able to use what you have learned as a basis for documenting your company's service inventory. By applying the method, you will create transparency about the products you sell and also create the ideal basis for analyzing your business activities.

Content overview:
- Service lifecycle of objects and status model
- Management of offers and contracts
- Management of customer/supplier and customer-product catalogs
- Management of business services, services and their components (Service Assets, External Services, Service Components and Cis)
- Service tree and its configuration
- Exercises and other administration tasks

Coruse duration: 1 day

Maximum number of participants: 8 persons

This course is currently only offered on a customer/project-specific basis.


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