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19. – 21. September in Kopenhagen, Dänemark

Digitale Zwillinge sind eine entscheidende Komponente des Netzwerkmanagements

Digitale Zwillinge enthalten Informationen über alle physischen, logischen und virtuellen Ressourcen im Netzwerk, Rechenzentrum und in der Cloud. Diese einheitliche Ressourcenverwaltungsfunktion ist für die Dokumentation, den Entwurf, die Planung und den Betrieb der komplexen Netzwerke heutzutage unerlässlich, und sog. Edge Rechenzentren sind da keine Ausnahme.

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How to Enhance Edge Data Center Operations with AR and a Digital Twin

Mittwoch, 20. September 2023 | Zeit: 15:00 - 15:15 Uhr

Daria Batrakova, Director Business Line Telecom Solutions, FNT Software

Ismar Efendic, Chief Technology Officer, DC Smarter

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Edge data centers are challenging for CSPs. They are far from the center of operations and have a highly distributed footprint. Their distance adds to costs, both from fiscal and sustainability perspectives.

That’s why it is very important to have all critical information at hand when performing an edge data center site visit. Ideally multiple tasks should be performed during the same visit, including both the intended maintenance and ad-hoc change management tasks. The technician onsite must be able to make informed decisions, at all times.

This can be achieved by using an augmented reality (AR) solution in combination with a digital twin.

Join FNT and DC Smarter in the Loft to see how this type of solution works. We’ll demonstrate live how network and DC digital twin data enhances an AR solution to enable optimized planning and execution of tasks to be performed at your edge DC sites. You’ll see how the powerful combination of AR and a digital twin maximizes the number of tickets resolved, in a shorter time, and with fewer site visits.

This is just one of the many use cases enabled by AR and a digital twin. Visit FNT and DC Smarter at Booth 320 to see what else we can help you achieve.

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