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Centralized Management of All Network and Service Resources

Disruption within the telecommunications industry is impacting all areas of business. How an operator responds to these challenges will determine the success of their digital transformation and ability to remain competitive in a hyper-connected digital world.

Becoming a digital service provider (DSP) is a top priority for most telecommunication companies. They know they need to transform to stay competitive. Improved digital processes and workflows and increased automation make it possible to launch and fulfill new product and service requests faster, increase service quality, and further reduce operating costs. But to leverage the advantages of digital workflows and automation, a holistic and complete digital view of relevant assets and resources is needed. Yet, this is the one thing service providers often lack.

FNT’s Telco Active Inventory solution provides this centralized view. It delivers and maintains an accurate and up-to-date inventory of all physical and logical network and service resources. The resulting transparency is the hallmark of a modern infrastructure. It enables providers to maximize the use of network resources in digital workflows, make confident decisions about how to plan, build, deploy, and manage critical business processes, and react quickly to maintain service quality.
Centralized Management
FNT’s Telco Active Inventory solution enables holistic management of all network and service resources in the telecommunications environment. It forms a single source of truth repository of all network and service data and provides all relevant resource information for planning and engineering, service fulfillment, and service assurance processes.

Having a common central database for all resource related data ensures that all activities carried out by various people and roles within the organization are always based on a shared master data source. This gives all involved people the same consistent view of the network, at all times.

Document and Plan
Telco Active Inventory supports all types of transport network technologies and provides seamless navigation throughout all hierarchical layers. It gives network managers immediate insights into all the data connections in their networks, independent from underlying hardware technology. It leverages accurate as-is documentation for more precise planning of all physical and logical resources.

Based on EMS/NMS integration, the physical and logical resource data can be reconciled and updated according to network changes. In planning mode, users can schedule network transformations and changes. They can also see the impact of planned changes before implementation. Work orders are created automatically, for changes to both physical equipment and logical connections. Corresponding asset information can be managed in combination with the integrated spare part management functionality. The solution integrates with key systems, such as existing ERP system, to consolidate and share data. Relevant repair, change, and rollout processes can therefore be managed using integrated workflow capabilities.

Three Solution Levels

One size does not fit all, especially when it comes to software. The solution is available in three versions of progressively increasing functionality. Choose the level of support that best suits your needs. Change your selection as your needs change.

FNT’s introductory package contains all of the functionality required to fulfill the main purpose of the solution. It also covers all of the essential asset and configuration management features to maintain control of your infrastructure and to have every crucial information detail about your infrastructure at your fingertips.
FNT’s Standard package provides extended functionality including enhanced reporting, dashboarding capabilities, and features required to manage all provisioning and change workorders relevant for building up, operating, and maintaining your infrastructure to ensure you get the most out of your workforce resources. Other functional enhancements improve the execution of the additional use cases that the solution supports.
FNT’s most comprehensive package provides all Basic and Standard functionalities, plus advanced tools to design the offerings of your IT organization as managed infrastructure services, manage them within a professional, customer-centric service portfolio, and fully automate all related processes. It also supports the execution of the primary and extended use cases with the highest degree of performance excellence.

Use Cases

Major Benefits

Faster Impact Analysis
  • Identify affected services and customers immediately in case of outages
  • Provide data enrichment to optimize incident and problem management processes
  • Prioritize tasks in daily operations to avoid SLA breaches accordingly
Transparency on Redundant Circuit Routing
  • Differentiate and manage various types of service protection scenarios
  • Manage diverse routing end-to-end on active transport and passive infrastructure layer
  • Cross media auto-routing on circuit and service layer
Efficient Planning of Maintenance Windows
  • Identify affected services and customers in case of equipment maintenance or cable works
  • Identify protections and plan necessary circuit re-routing to avoid SLA breaches
  • Identify customers affected to inform them in advance
Plan Rollouts
  • Plan network expansions and rollouts based on accurate as-is documentation
  • Create automatically work orders for the field force team to execute the planned tasks
  • Keep data up to date by automatically updating the documentation as a result of planning
Optimize Network Capacity Utilization
  • Get transparency on capacity utilization across your network on all resources and layers
  • Optimize usage of links and capacities based on comprehensive reports and dashboards
  • Optimize CAPEX investments by executing capacity expansion where required

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