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FNT DC Inventory Management

Unified inventory management facilitating all daily tasks, from documentation to planning and analysis

Modern infrastructures are in a constant state of flux. Continuous expansion and upgrading creates hybrid environments in which new technologies coexist with legacy systems. Overcoming this complexity to deliver reliable, high-quality services for IT, telecommunications, and data center applications requires a complete overview of the entire system landscape.

In today’s digitally transforming environment, data center facilities must master an increasing volume of assets. That’s only possible if data centers have a unified inventory management in place which allows them to manage numerous resources holistically – whether they are physical, logical or virtual. FNT DC Inventory Management is specifically designed to deliver end-to-end visibility across the entire data center network.

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Consistent, up-to-date, and easily accessible data is vital for management to make informed decisions about deployment of resources. This is central to efficient inventory management.

A Unified and Central Repository

FNT DC Inventory Management comprises the documentation, planning, and management of all data center resources (ICT equipment such as servers, storage and network switches, virtual assets) and facilities assets (such as UPS, PDU, or CRAH/CRAC units) over their entire lifecycle. It enables data centers to track location, maintain warranty and SLA information, and assign ownership to equipment. With this complete overview of the system landscape, management can make informed decisions.

Ready for Digital Transformation

By managing all assets via a single, dynamically updated repository that integrates with key systems, data centers not only have the information and tools to support the existing environment, but also to support technologies of the future as they undergo digital transformation. What’s more, this visibility lays the foundation for an agile operation and automation.

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Three Solution Levels

One size does not fit all, especially when it comes to software. All solutions are available in three versions of progressively increasing functionality. Choose the level of support that best suits your needs. Change your selection as your needs change.


FNT’s introductory package contains all of the functionality required to fulfill the main purpose of the solution. It also covers all of the essential asset and configuration management features to maintain control of your infrastructure and to have every crucial information detail about your infrastructure at your fingertips.


FNT’s Standard package provides extended functionality including enhanced reporting, dashboarding capabilities, and features required to manage all provisioning and change workorders relevant for building up, operating, and maintaining your infrastructure to ensure you get the most out of your workforce resources. Other functional enhancements improve the execution of the additional use cases that the solution supports.


FNT’s most comprehensive package provides all Basic and Standard functionalities, plus advanced tools to design the offerings of your IT organization as managed infrastructure services, manage them within a professional, customer-centric service portfolio, and fully automate all related processes. It also supports the execution of the primary and extended use cases with the highest degree of performance excellence.

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Use Cases

Major Benefits

Powerful Platform Solution Build on Standard Software
  • Unique and complete data model with easy configuration options
  • Single system of record for all DCPI, IT, and network assets
Increased Visibility
  • Full transparency across passive inside and outside plant resources
  • Schematic views as well as GIS based graphical network visualization
  • Improved efficiency in day-to-day operations supported by end-to-end signal tracing
Central Repository
  • State-of-the-art data center inventory management over entire lifecycle of equipment
  • Clear, accurate, end-to-end view for all objects and relations
Reporting & Analytics
  • Track key performance indicators, including historical changes
  • Share meaningful status and performance data with users and clients
  • Powerful analytics features and graphical evaluations support better understanding of all capacity utilization and growth
  • Supply needed information to all types of users

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FNT DC Inventory Management

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