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IT Infrastructure Management

Free up time for the important things – say goodbye to the hassle of using different products by analyzing, planning, and automating your entire IT infrastructure with a single tool.

Make time for your strategic projects
Optimize the transparency and management of your entire IT infrastructure by documenting all IT components (network, logical network, terminal devices, servers, storage, software, and applications) consistently in a central data model.
Reduce your IT costs by up to 35 %
Increase the efficiency of your IT infrastructure planning and IT processes by using comprehensive planning tools for cabling, networks, servers, and storage, plus the extensive component library that ships with the product. Use the integrated license management functionality and IT automation support to identify potential savings and speed up provisioning processes.
Improve the quality of your IT services
FNT Command's integrated data structure gives you an overview of all aspects of IT, from the infrastructure through to your services. Incorporating the corresponding information into your IT processes results in enhanced IT service quality with regard to both provisioning and incident management.

Yes, I would like more time for the essentials.

FNT's IT Infrastructure Management solution lets you optimize the interaction between network, server, workstation, and software management from both a technological and business viewpoint.

FNT provides a comprehensive, end-to-end, integrated data model, central data repository, and an extensive component library with over 50,000 network components for fast documentation and planning of the entire IT infrastructure. In addition to supporting IT assets, the integrated data model also enables mapping of all software and application information. The integrated license and server management functionality makes it possible to optimize your IT processes and lower your IT costs.

Highlights of the FNT IT Infrastructure Management solution:

  • Efficient analysis and planning of the IT environment thanks to an integrated component library containing over 50,000 active and passive IT components depicted in a photo-realistic manner
  • Terminal device and server management with evaluation of logical relationships
  • Integrated license and contract management
  • Storage, software, and application management
  • Planning and documentation of modern server environments, including physical and virtual servers
  • Depiction and management of physical and logical network structures, including IPv4 and IPv6 address management, WAN, VLAN, and WLAN management
  • Open standard interfaces for mass and real-time data
FNT Command

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Success story

IT Services for Public Administration in Four German States

Dataport is the service provider for information and communications technology for public administration in the German states of Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, and Bremen and for tax administration in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

FNT Command

The FNT Command software package provides full transparency into all IT and telecommunications structures for managing IT assets, cabling and infrastructure, data centers, and telecommunications resources. FNT Command thus enables the provision of high-value IT and telecommunications services. Like our customers, we take an integrated approach to all resources, from cabling through to service provision.

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