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Service Management is our business.

This is where we excel and where we can help add measurable value to your business. Drawing on our years of experience, tried-and-true bE_Methode®, and proven architecture, our expertise covers every aspect of service management.

Before we embark on a possible collaboration, we will meet with you to learn more about you and your business, and to tell you more about us and the bE_Methode®. This may involve multiple sessions.
Our core business is sharing our knowledge and the bE_Methode®. We deliver expert training across key areas of service management.
Project support
In many cases, the best option is not for us to implement your project directly but rather to support your project team as a trusted advisor.
Project implementation
We can also take a more hands-on approach to help you implement specific projects or improve your service manageme

Real practice

Our service management methodology

Many tasks in our area of specialization have become highly complex in recent years – whether in a company’s internal business processes or in its service delivery setup. In order to produce services at a realistic cost and in the desired quality and quantity, a new approach is required.

Our comprehensive bE_Methode® methodology includes the following:

  • Logical representation of services, including decomposition to illustrate relationships between business services (contract view), service groups (functional grouping), basic services (service modules), service assets (production modules), and resources (individual components, technical view).
  • Organization, processes, and roles – especially breakdown into portfolio strategy, product development, account management, service design, service transition, and service operation
  • Tool landscape. The service engine is the driving force for the various service-related systems, including the infrastructure monitor, service monitor, resource management database, and service management database, plus the ticketing and reporting system.
Course: bluEDGE Overview Courses
Course: bluEDGE Architecture Basics
Course: bluEDGE Methodology Basics
Course: bluEDGE Product- and Service Design
Course: bluEDGE Reporting Basics
Expert Paper

Industrialized Production of ICT Services – the Next Step

Customer demand drives companies to innovate, while new technical possibilities lead to greater diversity in the product and service portfolio. Digitization has paved the way for the emergence of innovative offerings that combine physical products with ICT services. While customers enjoy unprecedented flexibility and personalization, providers have to rethink the way that ICT services are delivered and create sustainable, future-proof concepts that meet growing demands.

Our service management methodology


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