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77 %
of customers want to track their assets in the space they lease

A Self-Service Gateway for Visibility into your Leased Space

A world class data center adapts to changing conditions, such as customers’ increasing demand for transparency of their host’s data center operations. They want to understand their own consumption of data center resources and to actively manage their assets in the colo environment. The MTDC that can deliver this transparency is well-positioned to stand out in a fiercely competitive market. The FNT Colo Customer Portal is a secure online tool specifically designed for colocation providers to give tenants this visibility. It’s a one-stop shop for tenants to manage their outsourced IT and optimize their use of colocation space.

Help your Customers Help Themselves to an Improved Colo Experience

In today’s digital world, customers prefer self-service. It’s a faster and more efficient way to get things done. Everyone wins with FNT’s self-service Colo Customer Portal. For the MTDC, the portal is a new high-value service to offer customers that moves them closer to becoming a full-service provider. For the tenant, it’s a way to directly view information about – and act on – installed assets within the hosting center. It enables them to make better decisions about their use of colocation assets and space.

MTDC Benefits

  • Differentiate yourself in a crowded market. Traditional colo provisioning is commoditized. The portal distinguishes your facility from otherwise similar colos.
  • Improve efficiency. Because the portal automates and optimizes process using a single system of record for all technical domains, it provides significant operational savings.
  • Improve customer satisfaction. Tenants want access to information about their assets in leased space. The portal delivers this, building customer loyalty and increasing retention.
  • Grow revenue by adding a new service to your portfolio. The incremental revenue stream will bolster profits amid intense price competition.

Tenant Benefits

  • Remotely monitor colo services and assets. The portal provides access to both standard views of live data and FNT’s documentation data of room and assets.
  • Speed up reaction time to changes in the colo environment. Processes can be accelerated because the portal makes customer data available for third party systems such as service desks and sales teams.
  • Increase business agility with centralized management of colocation assets. Tenants who use the portal can easily adjust infrastructure assets in line with business growth.
Empower your tenants to solve their most pressing data center problems

The portal fills a gap in the host-tenant relationship. It instills confidence in tenants, who can rest easy knowing their off-premise IT is safe, secure and operational. They know this because the portal performs three vital functions:

Asset Management Tenants can remotely control their assets and equipment. The portal aggregates, stages and displays critical asset and usage data. Tenants can use this data to document and track equipment in colocation, including life-cycle information, and to support IMAC processes. 77% of tenants want the ability to track their assets in the space they lease.
Monitoring Tenants can stay on top of their hosted physical infrastructure, networks and environment. The portal helps them understand their consumption over time, which is useful for better managing short-term spikes in demand.

The portal can also be used to define thresholds that trigger alerts. This speeds up reaction time to changes in the colo environment and enables them to optimize use of colo space.
Tenants want 24/7 monitoring of the space they lease: 75% want power usage; 78% want environmentals.

82% of tenants want alarming when power usage or environmental conditions exceed thresholds.
Reporting Tenants can better control the evolution of their colocation environment by using the portal to identify trends and recurring patterns faster. It accesses asset and historical data to generate at-a-glance metrics. Extensive analysis capabilities enable easier management of diverse parameters in the data center. Tenants prefer predictability, which is dependent on accurate information. 39% want predictable costs, 39% want predictable capacity requirements.

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Connect Customers
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