TM Forum – Digital Transformation World 2020

Bella Center Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark

TM Forum’s flagship Digital Transformation World is focused on powering the next wave of digitilization.

The next big wave of digitilization is breaking as 5G unleashes the power of edge computing, IoT, AI and cloud. Join thousands of peers from across the globe to learn from the successes, failures, and the sheer hard work of those at the leading edge of business and technical innovation.

After three immersive days of Catalysts, workshops, site-visits around digital Copenhagen, presentations, collaboration, case studies, fun and awards, you will leave refreshed, energized and inspired.

The global telecoms industry will change shape dramatically in the 2020s as new technologies establish themselves such as: cloud-based operations, data and AI, virtualized low-energy sliceable, autonomous networks, edge-based computing, IoT and enterprise-level B2B digital ecosystems and partnerships. Security, privacy and reliability will be differentiators in B2B and B2C customer-trust.

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