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Guide to Software-Assisted Mobile Site Management, Part 2: Site Acquisition, Design and Build

Everything you need to know about readying site candidates to join the Radio Access Network

The mobile industry is hot and showing no signs of cooling off any time soon. Quite the opposite, growth is accelerating. According to GSMA’s The Mobile Economy 2023 report there is projected to be 6.3 billion unique mobile subscribers by 2030, 5.5 billion mobile internet users, and $1.2 trillion in operator revenue. What does this mean for mobile operators? They will need to invest in their networks to ensure they have the coverage and capacity to handle the increasing consumer demand. 5G deployments will play a big role in these preparations. Operators are projected to spend $1.5 trillion in capex, and 92% of that is expected to be on 5G according to the same GSMA report. This paper details what’s involved in acquiring, designing and building out a new mobile site.


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