Digital Transformation World 2022

Join our Campfire Session about digital twins at DTW 2022

CSPs are turning to digital twins

Digital twins are changing the way CSPs manage their hybrid infrastructure. They contain analyzable information on all the physical assets, virtual resources, and logical dependencies across the network, data center, and customer edge. This unified resource management capability is critical to document, design, plan and operate today’s complex networks.

Attend our Campfire Session about digital twins at DTW 2022

FNT Software and our partner SATEC are leading an interactive conversation that explores how CSPs are using digital twins of the hybrid network infrastructure. Hear from our experts as well as your peers about:

  • advantages and limitations of digital twins
  • why using a sophisticated inventory system that enables a digital twin matters
  • the different uses and benefits of digital twins for CSPs


Through facilitated questions and audience discussion, we’ll explore how CSPs can better utilize digital twins.  


Getting to grips with Hybrid Infrastructure digital twins

– best practices, feasibility, challenges and added value

Wednesday, 21 September 2022

2:00 pm - 2:30 pm  |   Add to calendar



Talk to FNT

FNT has been helping organizations build and manage digital twins of the hybrid network infrastructure for over 25 years. Our specialists will be at DTW 2022. Stop by and visit us at Booth 315 to talk all things telco.

Better yet, start the conversation today. Our Telco team and our partner SATEC would love to hear from you before the event.

Why should you make an appointment?

  • You want to know how to increase efficiency of your network resource management
  • You’re planning to implement a digital twin – or thinking about it


Who can you make an appointment with?

  • Ivo van Os, Head of Sales Europe, FNT.
  • Ulrich Schalling, VP Market Strategy, FNT.
  • Bernd Prüssing, Director Business Line Networks, FNT.
  • Antonio González Kirchenmayer, CTO of alvatross by SATEC.



Read the white paper

Digital transformation has moved beyond a buzzword to a way of life - and a digital twin of the hybrid infrastructure is a key component of that.

The objective of a digital twin is to understand the state of the object that it replicates, respond to changes, improve business operations, and ultimately add value. It acts as a mirror to simulate, predict, and forecast the behavior of its real-world counterpart. For CSPs, that is the network infrastructure.

Our white paper explores the important role a digital twin plays in managing today’s complex hybrid network infrastructure, highlights how digital twins are being applied, and shares the benefits that result from this approach.

White Paper