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Enabling Digital Transformation

We live in an on-demand world. IoT is driving a rapid rise of connected devices and customers are demanding instantaneous and high quality-service. Everything that can be digitalized, will be. The telecommunications industry in particular is impacted, as its networks are an important enabler for making the digital economy possible.

Keeping Pace with Market Trends

Ensuring bandwidth and accessibility are mission-critical but becoming increasingly difficult to deliver. Advancements in technology are accelerating, putting pressure on carriers to quickly adapt to a changing ecosystem. Significant change drivers are at play in the market - mobile 5G, fiber rollouts, network transformation, automation – that intensify the need for carriers to evolve their infrastructure. Doing so is vital for enabling the Future Mode of Operation (FMO) of both physical and virtualized networks and services.

Mobile 5G
Network Transformation

Carriers must master these change drivers to give customers the competitive speeds and advanced digital services they want, and to deliver stakeholders the profitability they expect. Legacy OSS/BSS simply can’t handle today’s requirements. Meeting customer needs, generating revenue and increasing productivity in a digitally transforming world requires a modern and future-proof ICT infrastructure. Upgrading network infrastructure is the key to deploying the new technologies required for the digital future.

FNT Telco Solutions make it easy for service providers to resolve their specific challenges. They automate and streamline business processes for maximum efficiency. Process automation is one of the most important levers a service provider can use to meet both customer demands and internal requirements.

Telco companies use FNT Software to more efficiently manage cable and outside plant infrastructures, achieve complete transparency across their telco active inventory, improve the effectiveness of mobile RAN management, and dramatically simplify hybrid resource management.

What is a FNT Telco Solution?

  • A bundle of specific, configured software to address defined use cases. Each bundle is designed to leverage industry best practices.
  • Based on FNT Command, FNT’s market-leading infrastructure management software.
  • Standardized, fully configurable software solutions with extensive out-of-the-box capabilities.
  • Fully scalable. Customers can upgrade from basic, to standard, and advanced levels as needed.
  • Open API / integration capability facilitates automation and reconciliation.
  • Available as a SaaS / subscription-based model. No investment is required, and no maintenance fees.

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Telco Overview

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This white paper presents a comprehensive guide to what’s involved in achieving efficiency and success in deploying fiber optic networks. It addresses the strategic importance of FTTx iniatitives, the challenges CSPs face, and offers guidance on how to overcome the biggest obstacles.

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Intense pressure is being put on organizations to operate in a more sustainable manner by reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. They must also demonstrate their progress by complying with stringent reporting requirements. Our new expert paper details how companies can tackle decarbonization through better infrastructure management, and how FNT's new solution add-on helps by documenting, analyzing and reporting on the carbon emissions of your customer's infrastructure.

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Businesses concerned about sustainability are taking stock of their current situation, identifying areas to target for improvement, and formulating plans for how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. There are many strategies that can be used, and not all of them are obvious. This paper is an enlightening look at a number of different actions businesses can take to minimize the impact they are having on the environment.

Cable and Outside Plant Management

Cable and Outside Plant Management is focused on the documentation and planning of passive inside and outside plant infrastructure. It provides full transparency across the network to enable efficient operation, planning, and management of complex passive network infrastructures, It includes GIS based visualization and a full featured auto-routing capability to automate the planning of entire fiber routes.

Hybrid Resource Management

Hybrid Resource Management addresses virtualization challenges caused by the introduction of Network Function Virtualization (NFV). It builds a central repository of virtualized resources with underlying physical equipment and required infrastructure resources and enables the documentation and planning of server and storage infrastructure as needed. The solution can be used to manage floor space, power cabling, power, and cooling capacities in combination with power consumption and heat emission across large core data center sites as well as distributed edge data center locations and containers sites.

Mobile RAN Management

Mobile RAN Management supports planning and rollout management, configuration management, site management, and operations of mobile Radio Access Networks (RAN). Network rollouts, transformations, and changes can be planned, and corresponding work orders can be created automatically using the planning mode. All types of active nodes (2-3-4-5G), as well as passive equipment at sites, can be documented and planned.

Telco Active Inventory

Telco Active Inventory enables the centralized management of all network and service resources in the telecommunications environment. It provides all relevant resource information for planning and engineering, service fulfillment, and service assurance processes for use by network operators and service providers. This solution supports all types of network technologies, provides seamless navigation throughout all hierarchical layers, and supports as-is documentation.

Problem-Solving Made Easy

While networks undergo transformation in technology and architecture to keep pace with market trends and business drivers, normal business operations must be maintained, and high-quality services must continue to be delivered. Reliable service assurance, planning and engineering, and service fulfillment processes are essential for delivering services that meet SLA requirements and keeping OPEX under control. All these processes are reliant on up-to-date information about the physical, logical, and virtual resources of the network.

FNT Telco Solutions form a central system of record with all relevant information across telecom, IT and data center infrastructure and service resources. They provide a single source for all information about network assets, which is the key to gaining a clear understanding of overall utilization, capacities and asset status for more efficient planning, service assurance and fulfillment processes.

How communication service providers, mobile network operators, and Internet service providers respond to industry trends will determine their ability to remain competitive in a digital world. FNT’s Telco Solutions enable them to convert opportunities into revenue by not only supporting existing networks, but also networks of the future. With a holistic view of active and passive assets and an accurate and up-to-date inventory of all physical, logical, and virtual network resources, providers can make confident decisions for planning, building, and deploying new services and capitalizing on business opportunities.

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