FNT’s IT Asset Documentation Tool for Small Businesses

TWINALIZEA Solution for Small Companies

TWINALIZE is FNT’s stand-alone product for the documentation of IT assets designed for the unique needs of smaller businesses. It’s tailored for specific use cases, features exceptional user-friendliness, and is available with a straightforward subscription model.   

What makes TWINALIZE stand out?

Ease of use   


It’s designed specifically for users who want to maintain an overview of their IT infrastructure but don’t have extensive technical knowledge.

Always available   


A fully responsive design ensures data can be checked from anywhere and on any device.

Full flexibility   


Flexible packages allow users to match TWINALIZE options to their usage requirements.

TWINALIZE officially launches on September 1st!

Find more information at:

TWINALIZE is currently in the preview phase and does not yet include all planned features.