FNT Service Desk is the Central Support Portal for our Customers and Partners

Monday - Friday: 8:00 am – 05:00 pm
FNT Service Desk

The FNT Service Desk serves as the central support portal for our clients and partners. In order to meet our requirements for the support of optimal, demand-oriented services, the FNT Service Desk plays an essential role. By making use of the support services you receive the opportunity to access new requests, check in on the status of existing inquiries and stay on top of things by implementing the use of flexible search functions and reporting possibilities. Furthermore, you can benefit from improved communications, for example through proactive dispatch of notifications when a change in status has occurred. As a result, you will always be aware of your request’s current status.

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Video-Introduction: FNT Service Desk

In this video we introduce FNT Service Desk. We cover the following topics: "Start & General", "Requests & Problems", "Request Components" and "FNT ValuePack".

FNT Software Americas
Contact: Lisa Mita

FNT Software Asia
Contact: Detlef Klugseder

FNT Software Europe
Contact: Claudio David