IT Operations Manager

Ensure smooth-running IT processes – identify, manage, and verify your infrastructure and become an IT service champion.

Rising quality expectations and ever-changing IT requirements necessitate greater industrialization and automation of IT processes. To provide high-value IT services as part of your ITIL processes, you need tight control over your service assets and IT infrastructure.

Identification, management, and verification
As an IT operations manager or service asset manager, you identify, manage, and verify your entire infrastructure, including all service assets and the relationships between CIs. An integrated, comprehensive, expandable Configuration Management System (CMS) and a CMDB are core requirements for accelerating your IT processes, optimizing error identification and correction, and providing profitable IT services.

Configuration management
FNT provides a central Configuration Management System (CMS) covering all the configuration items in your IT and telecommunications infrastructure needed for the provision of high-value IT services in line with ITIL V3. For more information about the Asset & Configuration Management solution from FNT, click here.

IT Infrastructure Management
To optimize interaction of network, server, workstation, and software management from both a technological and a business viewpoint, FNT provides a solution for IT infrastructure management, which integrates fully with your CMS. For more information, click here.

Product Portfolio and Service Management
While the Asset and Configuration Management solution targets efficient deployment of IT resources and service assets, FNT's Product Portfolio and Service Management solution makes your IT and service management processes more efficient by modeling and providing standardized products and services. For more information, click here.

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