Data Center Manager

Experience the inner calm that comes with successful data center management.

As a data center manager or data center facility manager, you are confronted with a variety of challenges stemming from constantly increasing information volumes, as well as new technology trends and business models, such as cloud computing, XaaS, and infrastructure as a service. Demand for data center capacity continues to rise.

DCIM Solution as a Key Management Tool
An integrated data center management strategy based on a data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software solution allows the resulting challenges to be addressed in an efficient and effective manner.
DCIM makes it easy to handle all the important analysis, planning, and management tasks and supports you in:

  • Performing analysis and detailed space and capacity planning in the data center
  • Performing situational analysis and planning future energy, cooling, and floorspace requirements
  • Carrying out data center consolidation projects
  • Planning and setting up new data centers
  • Verifying the use of financial resources in a data center and performing cost analysis
  • Monitoring and analyzing the power consumption of various assets in the data center
  • Analyzing data center resource and energy efficiency
  • Making modifications and migrating to new technologies and architectures
  • Easily verifying energy efficiency with respect to legal regulations 

Using FNT Command to plan and optimize your data center gives you an integrated view of your data center, from the facility and building level through to your IT and telecommunications infrastructure and the services provided.
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Integrating Multiple Data Center Sites
Integrated data center management extends beyond the IT infrastructure and physical building. It is also necessary to plan and manage the links between various sites, such as WANs and telecommunications networks. In addition to the FNT Command central planning repository, FNT provides a component library containing over 50,000 IT and telco components (including plausibility checks), which allow integrated documentation, analysis, and planning of the entire infrastructure.
A single software tool can be used to manage all important data and processes, avoiding the need for a variety of tools to handle the different aspects of data center operation.

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FNT's integrated approach
All important data and processes can be administrated by a single software tool, so that there's no need for several tools for different parts of the data center.

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