Colocation Provider and Multi-tenant Data Centers

Colocation Provider and Multi-tenant Data Centers

As the world goes digital, markets are converging with increasing speed around the world. Colocation providers face a number of challenges as they seek to respond to rising customer expectations and fierce competition. Specifically, they need to:

  • Create more competitively priced offers
  • Optimize internal processes to bring down costs
  • Use additional products and services to stand out from competitors
  • Make their product portfolios more flexible with shorter go-to-market cycles

The old three-part model of space, power, and cooling is no longer enough to secure a long-term share of the colocation market. As the market changes and expectations rise, colocation providers are increasingly evolving into full service providers.

Centralized Management and Control of Facility, Infrastructure, and Services

The FNT solution for colocation providers offers a holistic approach to management of all relevant resources. This centralized system has all the functionality you need – including space, power, and cooling management in the data center, local and multi-location networking, and product and service management.


Management and Control of Space, Power, and Climate

To enable efficient management of individual areas, such as rooms, cages, and racks, the FNT solution provides detailed daily reports on space, power, climate, and capacities. These allow you to plan, manage, and control your data center in a more proactive and resource-efficient way. Our comprehensive documentation concept lets you assign secondary information, such as customer data, contracts, or additional logical dependencies, to individual areas in the data center. Configurable dashboards and meters make it easier to understand complex dependencies, while also streamlining processes by providing direct access to all relevant information. Intelligent monitoring agents deliver timely warnings of capacity bottlenecks and help ensure smooth operation at all times. Learn more about FNT’s Data Center Infrastructure Management solution.


Cable Management

The FNT solution supports comprehensive and media-independent documentation of your entire physical cable infrastructure – both within a specific location and between multiple sites. Functions such as signal tracing and auto-routing provide valuable support in both actual and planned views. Together, they make it easier to manage large-scale cable and network infrastructures by allowing you to plan and execute maintenance tasks in a more systematic way, for example. You can also automatically generate connections between customers and partners in meet-me-rooms along with all the work orders required. Other features include extensive workflow capabilities and plausibility checks that enable efficient and proactive control of complex infrastructures. Learn more about cable management.


Inter- and Intra-Connectivity

Reliable management of inter- and intra-connectivity offers enormous potential for colocation providers to set themselves apart over the longer term in what is a highly competitive market. The FNT solution provides centralized and integrated management of all network and service resources. This allows you to manage all relevant information from the physical and logical networks to the services on top – within a single location, in the transport network, and in terms of leased resources. The end-to-end overview of all network and service resources also provides the transparency you need in your data center. Services can be documented in detail with their SLAs and other customer data down to the level of specific racks and CIs. In the event of a fault, you can run a complete impact analysis, from the passive infrastructure up to the service layer, and have immediate access to the information required for rapid resolution of the incident. Learn more about management of network and service resources.


Value Added Services

With the FNT solution for colocation providers, you can offer customers an extensive range of supplementary, value-adding services.

  • Remote asset management: All the functionality you need to create an efficient and reliable remote hands service
  • Customer-specific SLA reports and dashboards: Detailed insight into power consumption by individual customers plus reports documenting compliance with SLAs using the respective customer and contract data
  • Power billing: Accurate power consumption data for billing in ERP systems

The FNT solution includes numerous predefined and open interfaces that you can use to automate processes in a wide range of scenarios and integrate the solution with your existing system landscape. See our White Paper for more information on optimizing your deployment processes and delivering high-quality services with unique customer benefits.


Product and Service Portfolio

Colocation providers are increasingly evolving into full service providers. As they add more products and services to an increasingly flexible and dynamic portfolio, the issue of portfolio management becomes increasingly important – as it is for communication service providers. To meet those demands, the FNT solution has extensive functionality for product and service catalog management. It also enables end-to-end management and control of the entire service delivery chain.


Transparent View of All Managed Resources

In summary, the FNT solution for colocation providers offers full transparency into all relevant resources, your available and allocated capacity, your entire managed infrastructure, and the services you deliver to customers. Our standard software package serves as a central database that enables you to create cost-efficient processes and optimize your operations. The fusion of facility and infrastructure management on the one hand and service management on the other is both totally unique and a valuable asset for the long-term efficiency of your business. On top of all that, the wide range of options for integration with third-party systems enable you to create and view integrated processes that span your organization.



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