Gain Transparency of your Airport’s
IT and Telecommunications Infrastructure


IT and telecommunications infrastructures are the lifeblood of modern airports. The associated infrastructure and IT services are mission-critical for maintaining a competitive edge, but involves ever-increasing investment and substantial risks.

Common challenges for the Airport business are:

  • Documentation and management of retail and consumer activities at the airport
  • Billing of usage of airport services
  • Provisioning of the IT infrastructure needed for those services
  • Quick delivery of cost efficient services

FNT Software provides industry-specific solutions for airports to face and overcome those challenges. This is the reason why eight out of the 10 largest airports in Germany, including Frankfort Airport (Fraport - the third largest airport in Europe) use FNT Command to manage their IT, cable network and telecommunications infrastructure. FNT Command is implemented as a one of their top-priority and one of the most important systems at Fraport.


Customer Reference of Fraport AG


A major international airport places particularly high demands on network infrastructure and solutions for its management. Not only are IT operations safety critical, but pressure of time and pressure to succeed are enormous.

Therefore, Fraport AG, operator of Frankfurt/Main airport, relies on FNT Command for the management of cables, cable trays and similar. “Command is the central memory of our communications infrastructure”, says Klaus Schultz- Fademrecht, Senior Manager Networks at Fraport AG.



Download our Customer Reference Case 

Learn how they manage more than 8 million asstes (cables, racks, IT components, software applications etc.), including more than 13,000 racks, 3,000 switches, 120 routers, 1,500 Wifi access points, more than 800 miles of fibre, and 3,100 miles of copper cables with more than 230 users in one central data repository.

Here you can download our customer case study from Frankfurt Airport (Fraport AG).


FNT Solutions for the airport industry

Our FNT Command standard software provides full transparency into all IT and telecommunications structures for managing IT assets, cabling and infrastructure, data centers, and telecommunications resources. FNT Command thus enables the provision of high-value IT and telecommunications services.

With our modern, Web-based, and tenant-based standard software we enable airport customers to reduce their costs in network infrastructures, IT and data centers up to 30% through transparency over all assets and standardized and shortened workflows and work orders.

Through the central FNT data repository we get you in control of all infrastructure and telecommunication assets which increases uptime availability, security and shortens time to resolve issues.

Your overall services can be delivered up to 100% more quickly using FNT.


FNT Solution for Cable Management

We create transparency into your complex cable networks. Data cables and communications services are the vital arteries of the modern business world. To manage them effectively, you need total transparency with graphical documentation – from nodes, trays, sections, and splice plans right down to individual fiber-optic assignments. With signal tracing and auto-routing, schematic visualization and WebGIS integration, plus planning and workflow capabilities.  

FNT Solution for IT Infrastructure Management

We deliver overview and insight into your IT infrastructure. How stable is your IT service provision? Do you need greater insight into your infrastructure, assets, configuration items, and relationships – including licenses, contracts, and documentation? Past, present, and in planning? With integrated workflows, logical networks, photorealistic modeling, and integrated address and network management. 

FNT Solution for Data Center Infrastructure Management

We bring transparency and efficiency to your data center Are your data centers operating at maximum efficiency? Do you need greater precision in your capacity, expansion, and modification planning? Do you need total transparency - in your buildings and power supplies, your IT systems, and across all your services and processes? In real time, in detail, fully integrated, and with push- button visualization. 

FNT Telecommunication Network Resource Inventory

We provide transparency into your networks. How efficiently are you operating and developing your telecommunications networks? Do you need greater transparency – from physical network to end-user services, including all relationships between resources, data, software applications, and customers? For radio, cable, and satellite, for all system technologies, for internal and external networks, and with integrated WebGIS. 

FNT Product Portfolio and Service Management

Greater transparency for greater IT service organization efficiency. Are you ready to industrialize your IT services and boost efficiency in your IT service management activities? Do you want to use product portfolios and service catalogs that are tailored to specific markets? Do you need greater transparency throughout your supply chain and across your IT infrastructure to meet the growing expectations of your customers? Would you like a software solution that is both a control center for your IT service organization and a central hub for your IT, business, and service operations. 

Facts & Figures

Fraport AG

Klaus Schultz-Fademrecht
Fraport AG
Senior Manager Networks

"At Fraport, it's about teamwork. FNT has been a successful and reliable partner of ours for more than ten years. The FNT Command software is the central memory of our communications infrastructure."

FNT airport customers worldwide:



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