Product Portfolio and Service Management

Take IT easy – FNT’s Product Portfolio and Service Management solution makes light work of meeting the requirements and requests of your internal customers.

The FNT Product Portfolio and Service Management solution supports modeling and provisioning of standardized products and services to increase the efficiency of your IT activities and streamline service management. This unique solution provides the foundation for defining, managing, and monitoring business services and service assets over the entire service lifecycle. In turn, this makes it possible to reuse service assets and products efficiently and provide services in a flexible manner and with consistently high quality, while also keeping costs under control.

  • Reduce the complexity and cost of your IT service management

    By using method-supported definitions of standardized products and service assets and providing them as services, you can reduce the complexity of the IT service environment and achieve significantly greater transparency. This allows you to make more informed decisions about the deployed IT resources, particularly with regard to incident management.

  • Accelerate your service management processes

    The central service repository contains all service-related information and has an open interface for easy integration with other service management tools (e.g., ticketing, monitoring, RMDB/CMDB, and ERP). This greatly accelerates processes and reduces IT service management costs. All service assets can thus be mapped, managed, and billed over their entire lifecycle.

  • Obtain transparency regarding your customers and an overview of current services

    Automated documentation of all available products and configured services brings clarity to the customer-provider relationship and enables proper billing of the services delivered. Configurable views of service architectures and extensive reporting give product and portfolio managers an overview of the service portfolio and the status of your products with respect to underlying IT infrastructure.



Highlights of the FNT Product Portfolio and Management solution

  • Service and product modeling with a graphical modeling interface for method-based definition of standardized products, service assets, and services
  • Rules-based service provision and easy configuration
  • Product and service catalog containing all information needed for effective support of IT service management processes (SLAs, price information, etc.)
  • Management and monitoring of all business services and service assets over the entire service lifecycle
  • Integrated dashboarding and reporting
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