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FNT Catalog Management

Catalog-Driven Delivery to Design and Deliver Digital Services

A catalog-driven approach puts the customer center stage, determines their specific needs and requirements, and takes these findings into account for every decision made in the service design and delivery.

The Catalog-Driven Approach

To effectively offer a customer-centric product portfolio, standardization is key. With this modular approach, components are flexible and can be configured individually when a new product is created.

Once a product portfolio is established, service providers must implement a software solution that offers a comprehensive catalog management system to define, manage, and monitor services over their entire service lifecycle.

FNT Catalog Management is an enterprise-wide product, service, and resource catalog based on a best-practice methodology. FNT Catalog Management enables enterprise IT customers and service providers to holistically design, define, manage, and operate products and digital services. It acts as the single system of record for services and lifecycle management, the heart of any service delivery platform.

FNT Catalog Management is based on the industrial principles leveraging standardization, variant management, and modularization. This allows providers to quickly design new services based on standard components, enabling them to react fast on market demands and respond to competitors in an easy and flexible manner. Best of all, the customer feels like they are getting an individualized service although it is actually composed of standardized building blocks.

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In today’s digital age, the success of a company is measured by the speed and flexibility in which they can introduce new services to market and deliver them seamlessly to customers – often supported by highly automated processes.

In order to take full advantage of automation, a product-driven approach with a unified catalog that creates transparency over all service assets and a high degree of standardization of services is needed. This standardization enables the end-to-end automation of processes across silos and leads to an improved speed-to-market, lower costs, and increased customer satisfaction.

Three Solution Levels

One size does not fit all, especially when it comes to software. All solutions are available in three versions of progressively increasing functionality. Choose the level of support that best suits your needs. Change your selection as your needs change.


FNT’s introductory package contains all of the functionality required to fulfill the main purpose of the solution. It also covers all of the essential asset and configuration management features to maintain control of your infrastructure and to have every crucial information detail about your infrastructure at your fingertips.


FNT’s Standard package provides extended functionality including enhanced reporting, dashboarding capabilities, and features required to manage all provisioning and change workorders relevant for building up, operating, and maintaining your infrastructure to ensure you get the most out of your workforce resources. Other functional enhancements improve the execution of the additional use cases that the solution supports.


FNT’s most comprehensive package provides all Basic and Standard functionalities, plus advanced tools to design the offerings of your IT organization as managed infrastructure services, manage them within a professional, customer-centric service portfolio, and fully automate all related processes. It also supports the execution of the primary and extended use cases with the highest degree of performance excellence.

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Use Cases

Major Benefits

Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency
  • ́́Lower integration and processing costs
  • Utilize standardized data references to improve workflows
Maximize Customer Satisfaction
  • Describe IT services in a more user-friendly way
  • Provide benefit-oriented service descriptions and configuration options
  • Deploy services faster and more efficiently
Accelerate Innovation and Leverage New Services
  • Reduce time-to-market
  • Optimize cost structures
Launch New Products and Services Faster
  • Improve business and IT collaboration
  • Individualize products and services by configuration
Build, Use, and Reuse Product and Service Data
  • Leverage modularization, standardization, and variant management
  • Quickly reuse product and service data across the entire lifecycle
Improve Service Delivery by Leveraging Automation
  • ́́Map products and services to the IT infrastructure underneath
  • Automate products and services
  • Drive operational excellence with faster service design

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FNT Catalog Management

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