Cable Management

Stay in control – transparent cable and network infrastructures ensure that you stay on top of cable management.

The Cable Management solution from FNT allows you to document, plan, and manage any internal IT network, cable, and network infrastructures as part of inside plant management. It is equally easy to map extensive telecommunications or broadband networks (e.g., FTTx) in a wide area network, city, or local loop using outside plant management. All types of glass fiber and copper network topologies, including all the deployed technologies, are described using georeferenced representation in WebGIS or with the aid of schematic network plans via netspiders. The FNT Cable Management solution gives you complete transparency into your network so you can manage even complex infrastructures efficiently.

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  • Reduce your operating costs and incident processes by up to 50%

    The integrated FNT Command product suite allows you to operate complex, heterogeneous network infrastructures more efficiently. All cable and network information is linked via the comprehensive data model and can be instantly evaluated. In addition to providing optimum planning support, this makes it possible to locate and correct errors more quickly when incidents occur.

  • Optimize the cost of cable network expansion and operation

    Optimal evaluation of all existing data as a decision-making aid gives you an overview of the physical network all the way through to the services. You can evaluate and plan the wiring of cables to services across all layers, while staying in control of network resources and the associated costs at all times.

  • Accelerate your planning by up to 100%

    FNT Command's comprehensive, sophisticated planning functions allow you to achieve faster, consistent planning and documentation. Graphical georeferenced representations of networks, signal tracing, and auto-routing, plus an integrated change management process for handling all changes, help to facilitate routine tasks.



Highlights of the FNT Cable Management solution

  • Comprehensive graphical documentation and planning of entire cable routes, including all nodes, trays, tray sections, and ducts
  • Media-independent cable planning down to the level of individual glass fiber assignments, including junction boxes and splice plans
  • Comprehensive auto-routing functionality
  • Signal tracing across all devices and cables in both actual and planning views
  • Comprehensive planning and workflow functionality with plausibility checks and routing functions
  • Georeferenced representation of networks (WebGIS integration)
  • Visualization of all cable routes using schematic network representations
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