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Telecommunication Resource Inventory

Insights that allow best-in-class performance – excellent telecommunications services thanks to efficient and transparent use of your OSS and BSS network resources.

Improve customer satisfaction and boost the efficiency of your planning, fulfillment, and assurance processes

Thanks to a comprehensive, up-to-date view of all network resources and service data in a central repository, you can provide all relevant information, covering the physical network, the logical network, and services. The associated process improvement will increase customer satisfaction.

Reduce your operating costs and automate your processes

Standard interfaces are used to provide vital network information to the existing back-office systems. This simplifies the integration of all required data and facilitates automation of your processes. The key benefits are increased service quality and faster response times in the event of incidents.

Optimize your planning processes thanks to a seamless view of all technologies

The Telecommunication Resource Inventory solution from FNT enables planning, analysis, and management of all telecommunications-related technologies. In addition, the library of over 70,000 components that ships with the product also contains predefined assets covering cable management, IT infrastructure, and server and data center management, all of which can be integrated. This ensures your ability to plan and evaluate your entire telecommunications and service environment.

Yes, I want to make my IT network transparent.

The Telecommunication Resource Inventory solution from FNT enables centralized, integrated management of all network and service resources in the telecommunications environment, thus providing the basis for a modern OSS/BSS architecture. This central source for network and service data encompasses all relevant resource information for the planning and engineering, service fulfillment, and service assurance processes of telecommunications providers and multi-service providers.

Highlights of the FNT Telecommunication Resource Inventory solution:

  • Seamless integration across all description levels, from physical network to end-customer service, with an end-to-end view
  • Provides all relationships between resources and information about software applications, customer data, and much more associated information
  • All types of line-based and wireless network technologies for transmission, access, cell phone, and cable networks and for satellite and radio/TV broadcast networks, such as SDH, PDH, WDM, ATM, IP, MPLS, Ethernet, NGN, VPN, xPON, FTTx, xDSL, HFC, WiFi, radio relay systems, and others
  • Clearly structured documentation and management of connections and services throughout the entire network
  • Autorouting functionality with extensive routing criteria and plausibility checks
  • Georeferenced representation of networks (GeoMaps integration)
  • Management of leased lines and dark fibers

Yes, I want to make my IT network transparent.

FNT Command

The FNT Command software package provides full transparency into all IT and telecommunications structures for managing IT assets, cabling and infrastructure, data centers, and telecommunications resources. FNT Command thus enables the provision of high-value IT and telecommunications services. Like our customers, we take an integrated approach to all resources, from cabling through to service provision.

Yes, I want to make my IT network transparent.

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