The time is right to Move to FNT.

DISCONTINUED: Are you using a legacy DCIM tool? Don’t worry, FNT has you covered.

Looking for a follow-up solution to discontinued DCIM products (like e. g. Aperture or Trellis) or solutions that have refocused (like iTRACS)? Sticking with discontinued software is too risky for critical data center operations.

As long as you’re changing solutions, why not take this opportunity to upgrade to one that can handle the demands of the modern data center? Traditional solutions only manage space, power, and cooling. Facilities management is important, but only a partial solution.

Delivering reliable data center services that power your organization also requires a solid understanding of your network, which means you also need cable management capabilities. FNT extends traditional DCIM functionality to deliver comprehensive, holistic data center management.

The FNT Difference

When you use Data Center Management by FNT, you get:

  • Advanced Cable Management. Within the data center, across the entire network backbone (campus network, remote sites), and outside plant (interconnect between sites).
  • GIS functionality. Visualize cable network elements on a geo-referenced map to greatly enhance planning and management effectiveness.
  • Automatic Routing of Connections. Take the guesswork out of setting up new connections. FNT software identifies the best route and the assets needed to power it.
  • Hybrid Resource Management. Holistically manage virtual functions and services in addition to physical objects – all of which are equally important in today’s technological environment.
  • Easy Data Migration. Standardized interfaces facilitate importing data into FNT software. Support services and training ensure a smooth transition.
  • Robust Integration. Open architecture exposes data to other systems across your organization that need it.
  • Extensive Component Library. Over 70,000 manufacturer-independent CIs come standard with FNT software.
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FNT’s software for Data Center Management supports optimizing facilities, IT, and networking. It’s the complete solution needed to future-proof your data center.

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Digital twins play a pivotal role in managing today’s modern data centers. From design to operation to maintenance, using a digital twin in your data center management can make a huge difference in your ability to provide a resilient infrastructure, optimize resource usage, scale as needed – to name just a few concerns. This paper explores in detail what digital twin-enhanced data center management looks like, the value a digital twin adds to data center management, and how it is uniquely capable of overcoming the complex challenges of our increasingly digital world.

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How to Evaluate and Transition to a New Solution

Whatever the motivating factor, every organization will at some point need to replace their DCIM software. Whether by choice or by force, there is a way to approach the process that will minimize the effort required and maximize the benefit not only to your data center, but to your organization overall.

This guide is full of useful information that can facilitate the process. It details what to look for in a replacement solution and best practices for how to migrate. It also lays out the justifications you’ll need to garner management support for the change initiative.

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Data centers are essential for the success of any modern business. Accordingly, their performance and availability are increasingly moving up the agenda of customers and senior management alike.

But it is no longer enough to simply use space, power, and cooling as metrics. Given digital transformation and the central role of IT in an organization’s ability to deliver, data centers need to provide maximum support for business transactions. Traditional tools for data center infrastructure management (DCIM) have reached their limits. What is needed are integrated tools, standards, and data models that enable seamless, efficient management of IT infrastructure from top to bottom. This white paper looks at the differences between tool generations, what characterizes modern DCIM solutions, and why managing isolated solutions soon runs up against functional limits. The core question is: How can I future-proof my data center?

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