Whitepaper: Future-proof Cable Management with FNT Solutions

In our previous whitepapers titled The Nerve Pathways of Digital Transformation and Cable Chaos in Your Data Center? we highlighted the strategic importance of structured cabling and how valuable it is to companies. The focus was on the challenges around planning and operating data center cabling, the consequences of inadequate cable management, and on how a professional software tool can take data center cabling to the next level.

In this third paper, we show how FNT specifically supports management of your data center cabling through a state-of-the-art software solution and decades of experience. After all, cable management is part of our DNA. Almost half of all DAX40 companies and more than 500 other major organizations around the world rely on our solutions to record, document, plan, and operate their critical cable infrastructures. Read on to discover how to future-proof the foundations of your digital transformation.


Future-Proof Cable Management with FNT Solutions