FNT IntegrationCenter – One tool for a wide range of integration needs


Webinar: FNT IntegrationCenter – One tool for a wide range of integration needs


Bernd Prüssing

Product Manager at FNT Software

Falk Krebes

Head of PreSales at FNT Software


FNT Command, your digital twin of the hybrid infrastructure, is entirely dependent on data. The data coming into it that represents your IT, data center, and telecommunication infrastructure, and the data it provides to the tools your organization uses to operate your business.

FNT IntegrationCenter makes both possible. It provides easy accessibility to your infrastructure data by facilitating the movement of information between applications. FNT IntegrationCenter removes barriers that prevent access to data, freeing businesses to use their preferred tools for different tasks and allowing end-to-end fulfillment of use cases over several tools.

In this webinar we will show you how FNT IntegrationCenter collects and reconciles data from other systems within FNT Command to create and maintain a digital twin of the hybrid infrastructure, enriches this data to unlock its full value, and shares it with third-party software applications.

Key takeaways:

We will use real-world use cases to demonstrate how FNT IntegrationCenter can be used to:

  • interface with other systems
  • reconcile imported data
  • catch user actions across systems and enrich events with data from FNT Command
  • query, create, update, and delete data in the FNT Command data repository


You will see first-hand:

  • Different ways of moving and synchronizing data to build and maintain a digital twin
  • Examples of interfaces with different technologies
  • Examples of multi-directional data transfers to feed the tools that need the data
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About FNT IntegrationCenter

FNT IntegrationCenter is a powerful tool for managing the communication and movement of data between FNT Command and different software applications. It makes a business‘ critical infrastructure data, which is documented and maintained in FNT Command’s unified data repository, usable throughout the company via the applications of their choosing.