Product Overview

All FNT software solutions are developed in close coordination with our customers. Together with monitoring of market trends, this approach ensures optimal alignment with real-world needs. The proven functionality of our solutions is underpinned by German quality standards. FNT products are user-friendly, Web-based, and multilingual. They can handle multiple users and clients and are built on a sophisticated software architecture.



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FNT Command allows you to manage your IT and telecommunications infrastructure, putting you in control of your valuable assets

The FNT Command software package provides full transparency into all IT and telecommunications structures for managing IT assets, cabling and infrastructure, data centers, and telecommunications resources. FNT Command thus enables the provision of high-value IT and telecommunications services. Like our customers, we take an integrated approach to all resources, from cabling through to service provision.

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Turn your IT into a key success factor – FNT ServicePlanet allows you to boost the efficiency of your service management activities and provide standardized products and services

FNT ServicePlanet is the control center for product portfolio and service management, providing the foundation for defining, managing, and monitoring all your business services and service assets over the entire service lifecycle. Standardizing products and their components in FNT ServicePlanet allows all product and service-related information to be combined in a central database. 

In turn, this makes it possible to reuse products efficiently and provide services in a flexible manner and with consistently high quality, while also keeping costs under control.

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Increase the operational reliability of your data center – with FNT Monitoring, you can monitor and control your infrastructure components through a powerful, centralized system

FNT Monitoring is a powerful tool to monitor and evaluate physical infrastructure assets in data centers. The secured operation of data centers is supported by threshold testing with comprehensive alert and notification functionalities. Detailed performance and utilization analyses allow an early identification of capacity bottlenecks. Due to the standard integration to FNT Command, the average measured values are provided for planning validation.

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Business Intelligence module for smart evaluations and analysis

FNT Analytics combines all the benefits of data visualization and reporting with a ready-made interface for FNT Command. Using its comprehensive database, you can make better decisions and quickly identify relationships, trends, and bottlenecks — ensuring optimum performance from your IT infrastructure at all times.

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FNT ProcessEngine Logo

Boost the efficiency of your process organization – by using FNT ProcessEngine to increase the productivity and quality of recurring IT processes

FNT ProcessEngine enables flexible automation and orchestration of recurring IT processes between FNT Command and third-party systems and applications. Using a graphical editor with dynamically generated task modules, you can model and customize your business processes without any programming effort. Business activity dashboards give you the transparency you need to achieve lasting improvements in the efficiency of your process organization.

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Simplify data exchange between your systems – with FNT StagingArea, you can manage the sharing, comparing, and importing of large quantities of data between FNT products and third-party applications

FNT StagingArea is an ETL (extract, transform, load) tool that makes it possible to merge heterogeneously structured data from a wide variety of systems, transform it, check it based on the specifications and rules of the target system, and then transfer it to FNT Command or FNT ServicePlanet.

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The fastest way to reach your objectives – FNT ValuePack provides solution-oriented services for the specific demands of your project

The product of many years of experience and countless client projects, FNT ValuePack makes it possible to simplify complex projects by breaking them down into logical and manageable parts. As well as significantly increasing the chances of success, FNT ValuePack provides early and reliable indicators with regard to workloads, timeframes, and cost. This advance planning also ensures that all activities complement each other and build toward a common goal.

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