FNT ValuePack Support

Add our expert support services to reduce your internal IT workload and ensure smooth operation of your software environment

Our FNT Command and FNT ServicePlanet software products provide mission-critical information for management of infrastructure and efficient delivery of business services. Many business processes are therefore highly dependent on the availability and reliability of these resources. In the event of a system fault, however, many organizations either do not have the knowledge to resolve the issue internally or lack the necessary permissions to access that information. If the standard software has been customized in any way, it can be even harder to resolve the issue quickly using in-house resources.

FNT ValuePack Support covers the entire spectrum of expert technical assistance. If a system fault occurs, you will receive specialist support to meet your needs, based on the selected service variant. As part of our proven Fast-Track-to-Value methodology, FNT ValuePack Support provides quality-assured outcomes every time. We can also take over the management of routine tasks, including data import, to assist with general operation of your software environment. With fewer demands on your IT staff, you have more resources available to focus on core tasks.


  • Fast and expert handling of support requests through a central, international service desk
  • Guaranteed service levels with status notifications for optimum transparency and reliability
  • Faster resolution of faults by an FNT expert thanks to remote support
  • Accelerated creation of new components and outsourcing of routine tasks reduce your IT workload
  • Optional monitoring of system vital signs for early identification and correction of issues before they result in a system fault
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