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The fastest way to reach your objectives – FNT ValuePack provides solution-oriented services for the specific demands of your project

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Measurable quality and reliable results

FNT ValuePack is a comprehensive package of standardized services offering consistently high quality and reliable results for a wide range of implementation projects involving FNT software products. Combining clearly defined services with expert advice, FNT ValuePack ensures effective deployment of your FNT solution. Services can be flexibly adapted to your unique requirements at every stage in the project. And since the project is designed around you, FNT’s expert consultants aim to deliver the ideal solution for your specific business needs.

Methodical process model

FNT ValuePack leverages our Fast-Track-to-Value methodology to map a direct route to your project objectives and allow a rapid return on your investment. The process model is specifically designed for deployment and operation of FNT software products. With FNT ValuePack, the entire lifecycle of each FNT software product within your organization is fully supported through an end-to-end model and efficiently implemented via coordinated project steps
Fast Track to Value Methodik

More than 20 years of consulting expertise

The FNT methodology is based on many years of experience and numerous client projects. Combining best practices with extensive expertise, FNT consultants support your project through every stage and provide maximum transparency on the current status. You therefore have full control over the efficiency and focus of all implementation measures, even in the most complex projects.

A sustained return on your investment

FNT ValuePack is designed to give you maximum longevity from your solution. As well as providing the best possible implementation, we aim to ensure that your solution continues to create value for a long time to come. To help achieve that goal, we provide your organization with the expertise it needs through training, targeted knowledge transfer, and in-depth documentation. Make the most of your FNT solution with FNT ValuePack.



FNT ValuePack Service Portfolio
FNT ValuePack Service Portfolio


Configuration Management Best Practices

Integration Architecture

Proof of Concept

Access Management

Enhanced Reporting

Interface Conceptual Design

Data Migration

Update Services

Implementation Services DCIM

Implementation Services FNT Monitoring

Implementation Services FNT ServicePlanet

Implementation Services FNT Command

Data Acquisition

Training & Education

Managed Application

Support Professional

Support Plus

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