Accelerate your service management processes

The central service repository contains all the necessary information and is integrated with all other service management tools (e.g., ticketing and CMDB). This greatly accelerates processes and reduces IT service management costs. 

Reduce complexity and cut costs

Method-based definition of standardized products and their provision as services reduces the complexity of the IT service environment, significantly increases transparency, and enables better decisions on resources, particularly with regard to incident management. 

Integrate existing systems 

Simple integration into the existing tool environment (ERP, ticketing, monitoring, RMDB/CMDB) and service architecture supports rapid implementation of product and service definitions. 

Obtain transparency regarding your customers

Automated documentation of all available products and the configured services creates clarity in the customer-supplier relationship. 

Get an overview of current services

Automated service trees and extensive reporting give product and portfolio managers an overview of the service portfolio and the status of their products. 

Stay in control of the lifecycle

All service assets can be mapped, managed, and billed over the entire service lifecycle.


Role-based User Interface
Role-based User Interface
Product Context
Product Context
Service Context with infrastructure components
Service Context with infrastructure components


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