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The management of IT services starts with a powerful IT service catalogue. And with FNT ServicePlanet as a SaaS solution. FNT ServicePlanet is the control center for product portfolio and service management, providing the foundation for defining, managing, and monitoring all your business services and service assets over the entire service lifecycle. The software provides all the features you need to digitize and centrally manage your service catalogs, to simplify automation, and to exceed customer expectations with high-quality IT services.

Transparent dependencies instead of huge administrative workloads
Shared understanding instead of resource conflict
User benefits instead of technical details
Efficiencies improvements

Stay in control of the potentially confusing mix of externally purchased and internally provided services, acting as service broker. FNT ServicePlanet provides an overview of SLAs, contracts, and relationships to services. This enables you to centrally control and continuously optimize your portfolios, catalogs, and versioning.


A central source for all digitized service descriptions. Get the information you need to design new services faster by having clearly defined roles and responsibilities. FNT ServicePlanet is the ideal platform, enabling you to create the shared understanding required for all service managers to work as a team.

Customer focus

Increase customer satisfaction with benefit-oriented service descriptions and relevant configuration options. Things that should look simple for the user can actually be extremely complex to plan and deploy. This challenge is easy to overcome with FNT ServicePlanet.

Manage company-wide portfolios. And achieve greater efficiency.

Every business is different. But they all have one thing in common: the growing importance of information technology across the value chain. To meet rising expectations, service managers require a central database from which to control and optimize the delivery of enterprise-wide IT services, increasing agility in the process.

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