More efficient workflows with FNT ProcessCenter – Practical Use Cases

More efficient workflows with FNT ProcessCenter – Practical Use Cases

IT and network infrastructures are becoming increasingly complex. The number of infrastructure components is growing and with it the number of provisioning and change processes. FNT ProcessCenter, a component of the FNT Command Platform, helps you manage these processes efficiently. It allows you to carry out planned changes quickly and securely using flexible workflows and then document all changes cleanly in the FNT repository. 

Key takeaways: 

Watch the video to learn how many different deployment and change processes can be managed more efficiently by using FNT ProcessCenter real-world use cases.  

Highlights include: 

  • Get it done faster: execute workflows in a targeted manner with configurable wizards  
  • Network rollouts using the example of fiber optics
  • Providing services more efficiently using the example of end-to-end telecommunications services
  • Stay in control: monitor the execution of thousands of requests with one click

Alexander Etscheit

PreSales Manager

Stefanie Siegel

Product Manager

Falk Krebes

Head of PreSales

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About FNT ProcessCenter

FNT ProcessCenter is fully integrated in the FNT Command Platform, so it leverages the software’s built-in documentation and planning functionality and enables end-to-end process management for all changes made to the existing IT, DC or network infrastructure. This integration makes both internal workflows and control of external service providers more efficient. It also ensures that all changes are documented appropriately in the FNT infrastructure repository.