FNT Monitoring

Boost the operational reliability in your data center – FNT Monitoring is an efficient tool to monitor and analyze infrastructure components



Efficient and scalable tool

FNT Monitoring allows the complete monitoring of all physical assets in data centers using one centrally controllable system. Regardless of where they are located or who they were manufactured by, consumption levels of all assets can be monitored and analyzed in order to make managing and controlling big facilities in various locations easier. Processing measured data real-time ensures a high frequency of updated data. The configurable dashboard displays key information and in addition provides detailed performance and capacity analyses of each asset.

Ensuring an error-free operation of data centers

The threshold control with a highly precise configuration analyzes the monitored assets‘ state in order to support the early identification of capacity bottlenecks. Due to the various alert and notification functions and escalation routines the respective person in charge can be informed depending on the criticality level. The modern product architecture allows a very short cycle time for processing. Additionally the unlimited data base allows long-term analyses to easier identify and fix recurring error patterns.

Standard integration to FNT Command

Integrating FNT Monitoring into FNT Command, the consistent control and optimization software for data centers, creates the required transparency of available resources and capacities. The direct data access speeds up the tracking of all relevant object data in case of an incident.

Increase resource efficiency

In addition to improved operations, the measured data also provide a significant benefit for strategic management issues. The unlimited data base allows long-term evaluations in order to identify and fix recurring issues faster and more efficiently. They also display an exact image of the actual situation in a data center and can be used to validate any planning scenarios.





Overview of monitored devices in integrated dashboard
Overview of monitored devices in integrated dashboard
Rapid identification of affected devices via clear and prioritized alerts
Rapid identification of affected devices via clear and prioritized alerts


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