Easily visualize and analyze complex infrastructure data – with FNT GraphicCenter


Webinar: Easily visualize and analyze complex infrastructure data – with FNT GraphicCenter


February 17, 2022 | 11 am EDT, 4 pm GMT


Peer Dierolf

Product Manager FNT GraphicCenter at FNT Software

Gavin Jones

Sales Engineer Presales at FNT Software


The scope and complexity of IT, data center and network infrastructures are increasing tremendously. Without a professional tool like the FNT Command Platform, efficient management of these infrastructures is almost impossible. But even with such a tool, making sense of the incredible amount of complex information and dependencies can be hard. What’s needed is a visual representation of the data to simplify analysis and support better decision-making.

That’s where FNT GraphicCenter comes in. In this webinar, we will present our new solution component, which is fully integrated into the FNT Command Platform, and demonstrate how it helps you operate your business more effectively.

Key takeaways:

Based on illustrative use cases, we will show you how FNT GraphicCenter can help you easily visualize networks, infrastructures, services and their connections. This graphical presentation makes it possible to see relationships in your data so you can extract intelligence and make knowledge-based decisions. Not only can you maintain an overview of your infrastructure and service data, but you can also generate additional benefits from graphical visualizations of your data: 

  • Extract hidden insights contained within your IT, data center or network infrastructure documentation
  • Improve impact and root cause analysis through efficient visualization and analysis of technical issues
  • Make faster, data-based decisions and accelerate troubleshooting thanks to the graphical representation of correlations
  • Configure visualizations individually, exactly tailored to your unique use cases

About FNT GraphicCenter

FNT GraphicCenter is a powerful visualization application fully integrated into the FNT Command Platform that makes it easy to visualize and analyze infrastructure and service data. This allows patterns in data to be recognized, structures to be understood and relationships to be identified, giving the staff responsible for planning and managing IT, data center or network infrastructures and services the value-added insights they need to make better, knowledge-based decisions.