FNT Command

For Network Services

FNT Command for Networks, Connectivity & Communication Services

FNT Command is a centralized, integrated system for management of all network and service resources. It provides all the information you need for planning, engineering, service fulfillment, and service assurance processes. Regardless of whether you are a telecommunication service provider, multi-service provider, colocation provider, or enterprise IT department, FNT Command lets you see all the data connections in your telecommunications networks – and keep your focus on customer satisfaction.

End-to-end transparency across all description levels

As the core foundation for a modern BSS/OSS architecture, FNT Command gives you the tools you need to increase the efficiency of your delivery processes. You can carry out impact analysis more quickly, automate processes, and plan ahead based on accurate, up-to-date information.

Thanks to its scalability, FNT Command makes it easy to manage resources while meeting growing demands from your customers.

  • Seamless documentation across all description levels, from physical network to service, with an end-to-end view
  • Easy management of all types of wired and wireless network technologies for transmission, access, cell phone, and cable networks
  • Resource-management analytics and dashboards with all the information you need to make better use of available resources
  • Cross-media auto-routing for a more informed selection of service routes, taking into account redundant signal paths, leased lines, and dark fibers
  • Georeferenced or schematic representations of networks, enabling easier management of large, heterogeneous infrastructures

Bridge the gap between organizational silos

As well as providing an end-to-end overview of all network and service resources, FNT Command gives you the transparency you need throughout your data center. Services can be documented in detail with their SLAs and other customer data down to the level of specific racks and CIs. In the event of a fault, you can run a complete impact analysis, from the passive infrastructure up to the service layer, and have immediate access to the information required for rapid resolution of the incident.


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