FNT Command

For IT Management

FNT Command for IT Management

Modern IT structures are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to control without deploying a fully comprehensive information management system. Whether you are checking for available IP addresses or troubleshooting a network, the reliance on clumsy manual processes can slow down service delivery.

Efficient management of the entire IT landscape

FNT Command for IT Management is designed to optimize the interplay between all areas of your IT infrastructure. You can model all relationships between assets and CIs on the physical, logical, and virtual levels as part of a fully integrated system, in accordance with the task in hand. You can also document responsibilities across your organization and accelerate production processes using automated workflows. As well as organizing your IT infrastructure more effectively, you can create planning scenarios based on accurate, up-to-date information.

  • Analyze, plan, organize, and identify your entire IT infrastructure in a centralized, ITIL®-compliant system and in relation to business processes
  • Accurately document all physical, logical, and virtual relationships between IT services and service assets (CIs) in their current and planned states to enable detailed analysis
  • Gain access to all basic information on hardware, software, licenses, and responsibilities for use in automated service delivery
  • Provide high-quality services faster thanks to full transparency across all aspects of your infrastructure and throughout the entire lifecycle

Optimal interplay across your infrastructure

Using FNT Command for management and control of your IT infrastructure, you have the ideal platform for automating and orchestrating your IT processes – and achieving a sustained reduction in IT costs. In addition, the comprehensive connectivity layer offers a full range of options for integrating with external systems and merging your entire IT infrastructure within a single tool that offers maximum transparency at all times.