FNT Command

For Data Centers

FNT Command for Data Centers

Data centers are the most expensive and fastest-growing areas in modern organizations. To stay in control, you not only require detailed information on current resources and available capacities, you also need a solution that provides an overview of relationships as well as the tools to find the optimum balance between all variables. FNT Command helps you achieve this control in every area of your data center – both now and in the future.

The complete solution for data centers

As a central control and optimization platform with integrated data model, FNT Command provides complete transparency throughout your data center. This detailed insight into all the relationships between IT, facility, and network means you can predict the impact of planned changes and develop effective optimization measures.

A fully comprehensive system, it also enables you to prepare and validate planning scenarios on the basis of historical recorded values, to make better decisions thanks to in-depth analytics, and to increase the long-term efficiency of your data center.

Key features
  • Comprehensive planning functionalities support strategic decision processes
  • Precise real-time monitoring capabilities support fault-free operation of data centers and thereby enable operators to improve resource efficiency
  • Powerful evaluation, reporting, and dashboarding functionalities present important selective and aggregated information for the various roles within the data center
  • 2D and 3D visualization of racks, rooms, and floor space supports centralized management of multiple locations
  • Easy process automation accelerates daily business processes and supports greater operational reliability

Better decision-making based on validated information

Achieving full transparency throughout your data center involves more than just management of resources. That is why FNT Command, one of the leading DCIM solutions available, has a comprehensive connectivity layer for integrating with a wide range of specialized data center systems. Employees can continue to work in a diverse range of roles with existing applications, while all information is orchestrated centrally in a single database and made available for cross-functional processes.

More than 500 clients around the world already use FNT Command daily to achieve optimum performance in their data centers through integration with a wide range of data center systems:

  • Cross-site integration of building management systems (BMS) from which all relevant building information is aggregated in FNT Command and enriched with key data and relationships to other devices
  • Automated import of data from autodiscovery tools, ensuring that all data on documented infrastructure is fully up to date and provides a reliable basis for future planning
  • Interfaces to CFD systems for risk-free implementation of performance and capacity improvements with the aid of 3D simulations
  • Predefined interfaces to market-leading virtualization tools to achieve greater transparency throughout the physical and virtual server landscape
  • Support for software-defined scenarios in the data center, enabling maximum agility and efficiency in the virtualization of data center resources.