FNT Command

For Cable Management

FNT Command for Cable Management

Complete transparency for complex cable infrastructures

FNT Command for Cable Management provides end-to-end transparency across complex cable networks. It enables you to document, plan, and manage your cable and network infrastructures via a single, integrated system that merges and documents all cable, network, and service information, including all mutual dependencies. It also facilitates seamless management of both inside and outside plant.

Outside plant management

FNT Command for Cable Management is the most comprehensive solution available for achieving full transparency into your outside cable and network infrastructure. Key benefits include reduced process times and costs, faster troubleshooting, and better utilization of infrastructure capacities. All the required functionality is made available in a single, centralized system.

  • Manufacturer-independent documentation and planning of all types of network topologies and technologies for efficient management of cable networks
  • Cross-media auto-routing capabilities for easy identification of possible connections and optimal routing
  • Georeferenced or schematic representations of managed networks
  • Seamless integration between the physical network infrastructure and the services that run on it, enabling faster fault analysis and resolution
  • Comprehensive planning functionality, enabling structured modification and expansion with automated generation of work order

Inside plant management

FNT Command for Cable Management also includes a full range of functions for management of cable infrastructures in buildings and campuses, including detailed documentation and analysis of all cabling from port to port. This allows you to maximize long-term customer satisfaction through faster capacity analysis, structured implementation of expansion and modernization measures, and greater operational efficiency.

  • Proactive planning of replacement cycles for obsolete components and structured implementation through automatic generation of work orders directly within the system
  • Graphical representation of structured LAN cabling for more efficient management of cable networks
  • Convenient management of active and passive devices and components using a component library with over 70,000 objects
  • Cross-media auto-routing for easy connection of cables with services as well as full signal tracing in actual or planned states
  • Integrated capacity analysis for network and service resources, ensuring maximum service availability


Based on its integrated data model, FNT Command can be supplemented with a range of functional modules for data center infrastructure management (DCIM) and IT management.