FNT Command 12

Major improvements for performance and usability along with future-proof HTML5 technology – this is FNT Command 12

The new major release of FNT Command includes numerous technical and user-related enhancements that ensure investment reliability. In addition to a user interface utilizing HTML5 frontend technology, a new layout and usability improvements make the difference.


New Capabilities of FNT Command 12

Besides multi-tab handling for parallel editing of various objects, further functionalities are available:

  • Power Management: Improved documentation and performance when calculating thresholds, plus improved mapping of UPS systems through advanced PDU wiring options and power converter representation.
  • Integration Capabilities: Further development of the FNT Business Gateway, a layer with plausibility checks for standardized data integration. Now, additional scenarios are possible thanks to improved processing of mass data and the expansion of available entities.
  • Telecommunication Network Management: Optimized auto-routing feature provides end-to-end multipoint service (MPLS) documentation between CE devices.
  • Data Center Management: Complementary graphical representations of busbars in the 2D footprint as well as performance improvements in the 3D footprint.


New quality standards for FNT Command

As part of a customer program for early release adoption, this major release has already been vetted and tested by more than 20 companies. In strong collaboration with long-standing customers, the new version has been deemed high quality, especially regarding stability and accurance. Working closely with key stakeholders, FNT prioritizes strong collaboration with customers to continually improve product development and align with current market needs.


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