DCM Integrator – powered by Intel

Monitoring server power consumption provides reliable utilization and planning data for data center management.

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Data Center Management Integrator – powered by Intel (DCM) adds data center monitoring and management functions to FNT Command. DCM stores server-related measurement data, such as current power consumption. This data provides the foundation for high-precision capacity analysis, reliable capacity planning, and accurate threshold monitoring. Real-world data is essential in order to identify potential savings with regard to power consumption and cooling capacity.

Equipment power consumption data can be used to determine heat emissions and cooling requirements and to monitor adherence to thresholds. In conjunction with temperature monitoring, this allows climate control settings to be adjusted to suit actual requirements. 

Today, it is possible to monitor modern servers directly using IPMI. The use of SNMP-enabled power distributors and power buses (PDUs) is not necessary.


  • Real-time monitoring of power consumption
  • Historical data for evaluation purposes
  • Monitoring of performance data and temperature
  • Provides the foundation for reliable capacity planning
  • Identification of potential savings


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