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FNT Command WebGIS

FNT Command WebGIS – GIS-based documentation for the cable networks of the future

FNT Command WebGIS enables accessing and processing of geodata using modern Internet technology. Spatially unlimited (sheetless) and for any number of users.

FNT Command WebGIS makes it possible to create and edit trays and nodes directly in a Web browser. FNT Command WebGIS is completely integrated into FNT Command, thus ensuring single sign-on and reciprocal calls. Cable routes are not just mapped in schematical network plan depictions, they are also inserted true to scale in digital maps. Using FNT Command WebGIS and the free map of Germany from OpenStreetMap, it is possible to connect cable networks to a wide variety of geodata and display them graphically in map views.


  • Web-based digitization of nodes, trays, and addresses on georeferenced maps for creating graphical documentation of cable networks
  • Integration of inventory data (document drawings, specific background data) for easy migration of existing material
  • Utilization of offline maps for use in networks without an Internet connection
  • Visualization of signal paths in the GIS viewer for graphical replication of signal tracing

FNT Command WebGIS

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