FNT Command Graphic Center

Automated visualization of complex networks and infrastructures for clear and efficient analysis

Gain totally new insights into your enterprise infrastructures and network resources with the innovative Graphic Center module. Offering automated visualization of selected resource data in FNT Command, it is an easy and efficient way to create situation-specific views and run impact and root-cause analysis.

The user interface is simple and intuitive, enabling convenient management and custom configuration of views. You can create tailored insights into specific application areas, quickly and flexibly, and vary the granularity as required. The ability to view all your existing data in graphical form allows faster evaluation and analysis. Simple visualization of complex dependencies not only enhances your day-to-day working processes, it also increases the value of your data.

For added ease of use, the module comes with a selection of preconfigured views. As a telecommunications admin, for example, you have a choice of predefined network views enabling graphical connection analysis that includes both the bearer layer and the services on top.



  • Easier understanding of complex infrastructures and networks thanks to automated visualization and structuring of large volumes of data
  • Lower workload when creating project-based views
  • High productivity thanks to intuitive user interface
  • Reusability and data export options increase value of visualized information
  • Flexible and agile viewing options for a wide range of applications, including predefined views for telecommunications, cable management, and network management
  • Simplified creation of graphic-based root-cause and impact analyses in multi-layer telecommunications networks
  • Multiple display options (circular, orthogonal, hierarchical, etc.) for targeted analysis of power and telecommunications networks


Detailed view of a network plan
Detailed view of a network plan
Automatically generated view of a telecommunication network
Automatically generated view of a telecommunication network


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