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FNT Command Mobile

Mobile access for targeted editing and analysis of your valuable assets in FNT Command.

FNT Command Mobile provides fast, targeted access to all the CI and asset information in the FNT Command configuration management system on the go. This app, which is designed both for Apple iPhone and the iPad, facilitates daily tasks by enabling streamlined, rapid management of all CIs. You can view and read important information at any time and any location: in a warehouse, when standing in front of a switch cabinet, or in the data center.


  • Quick and targeted task performance directly on-site in the data center, in the control cabinet, in the cable duct, etc.
  • Direct access to all components and object information as well as simplified work in the warehouse using the integrated barcode scanner
  • Graphical view of control cabinets for the identification of installed mounting parts and free space on the inside of the cabinet
  • Display of personal analyzes and graphs in an individual dashboard
  • Fast and current overview of the climate utilization, power utilization, space utilization of data centers and rooms
  • Calculation of predictions and historicization of individual rooms
  • Full-text search for all objects
  • Display of object data, technical data and the CI-environment
  • Traceability of all linked objects and their connections by the integrated CI Browser
  • Signal tracking for the identification of the components and cabling involved
  • Display of the complete signal chain and all connected ports with a choice of the different signal paths (cable route)

FNT Command Mobile

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