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FNT Command Carrier Line

Documentation of regional carrier networks and management of all associated data.

FNT Command® Carrier Line provides users with a way of managing leased or purchased carrier lines. It is also possible to store information, such as line status, technical characteristics, associated provider and location data, and the services available on these lines. This allows quick identification of carrier lines that are no longer required, thus reducing costs. Using the integrated order management tool, it is possible to order a new carrier line or to modify or terminate an existing carrier line. In addition, by defining text components, an order or termination can be printed out with a single click using stored fax templates and transmitted to the provider. In order to facilitate documentation of an ordered carrier line, a line can be created in Command from within the order without having to re-enter the location data or technical characteristics. In addition to the location data, the devices at the start and end points can be documented, including the specific port, so that in the event of an incident the affected carrier line and associated provider contacts can be quickly identified.


  • Comprehensive overview of leased and purchased lines
  • Documentation of the associated start and end points of a line
  • Management of order or contract data
  • Documentation of line status (new, ordered, free, reserved, terminated)
  • Ability to create an order for a carrier line from within the module.

FNT Command Carrier Line

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