FNT Command
Manage Your IT and Telecommunications Infrastructure - with FNT Command

FNT Interface for Telephone Systems

Comparing and importing hardware objects (assemblies) and telephone numbers from telephone systems and telephone servers into the FNT Command database.

The data stored in a telephone system related to telephone numbers or the telephone system itself (assembly management) can be written into the FNT Command Staging Area using the Telephone System Interface (TSI) or the Telephone System Gateway (TSG), where it is then available for further processing. The main difference between TSI and TSG is that TSI accesses the telephone system database directly and imports the data into FNT Command at a specified time. This process takes place automatically without user intervention. The gateway (TSG) is used to import the data into FNT Command via ASCII files. Importing is also performed automatically. However, the ASCII files must be provided by the user.

FNT Command then compares the data transferred from the telephone system with the actual data in the FNT Command tables.
The data from the providing systems can be accepted using a completely automated comparison function or manually in a step-by-step procedure.


  • Establishing telephone systems
  • Populating system chassis with assemblies
  • Comparing hardware and system information
  • Creating/removing telephone numbers at system ports
  • Comparing telephone number information
  • Linking the logical structure (service) to the physical structure (signal path)
  • Automatic importing of physical routes that terminate at the system ports
  • Managing terminal devices at the system port
  • Comparing terminal device data

FNT Command Telephone Systems

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