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Manage Your IT and Telecommunications Infrastructure - with FNT Command

FNT Command aaS

End-to-end transparency in the planning and management of complex IT and network structures with a ready-to-use SaaS model

The FNT SaaS solution is based on FNT Command, a modular, user-friendly, and web-based solution that supports multiple mandators, languages, and users. Designed as a scalable management system for services, configurations, and infrastructures in IT, telecommunications, and data centers, it allows incremental entry into the FNT ecosystem based on your specific business challenges and needs. With FNT Command-as-a-Service, you have immediate access to a fully featured and expandable solution that can be adapted to any size of organization – from a small-scale data center to a large, multi-location enterprise.

More transparency for powerful and reliable IT services

for IT management, telecommunication infrastructure management, and data center infrastructure management

Holistic, scalable management system
delivers total transparency as it supports every process step from documentation through to planning and implementation
Web-based software
enables location-independent management and offers a user-friendly interface based on an intuitive user interaction concept
Sophisticated multi-tenant capabilities
include comprehensive, role-based access management and multi-user capabilities
Multi-language user interface
and database content

FNT Command-as-a-Service uses an integrated data model in which all information on IT assets, including their connections and dependencies, is fully documented. The key benefit is direct access to detailed and up-to-date information on every aspect of your IT. That means greater security and efficiency in the operation of your infrastructure and the delivery of IT services – as well as better long-term competitiveness for your business.

A managed application you can rely on

Many business processes are critically dependent on the availability and reliability of the data in FNT Command-as-a-Service. For this reason, we have made maximum effort to ensure that all data is accessible at all times:

Optimum system availability
thanks to responsive, professional support
Location-independent data access
via user-friendly web-based interface
Redundant backup systems
for optimum data protection
Reliable hosting
exclusively with trusted regional partners


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