FNT Software Releases New Solution Component to Enhance the Visualization and Analysis of Hybrid IT, Data Center, and Network Infrastructures

FNT GraphicCenter Provides Interactive Representations of Services, IT Assets, Resources, and their Interrelationships to Simplify Planning, Data Monitoring, and Overall Network Operations

Parsippany, NJ, 12/14/2021

FNT Software, the leading provider of software solutions for the integrated management of IT, data center, and telecommunication infrastructures worldwide, today announced the release of FNT GraphicCenter, an intelligent solution component for the visualization and analysis of infrastructure and service data. Fully integrated within the FNT Command platform, FNT GraphicCenter utilizes technology from yWorks, the market leader for graph and diagram visualization, to provide a graphical representation of networks, infrastructures, and services as well as IT assets, resources, and their interrelationships.

As FNT GraphicCenter makes it easy to identify patterns, analyze data faster, and better understand relationships within infrastructures and networks, companies can make knowledge-based decisions faster and more accurately despite increasing network complexity. FNT Command enables companies to analyze and plan their hybrid IT, data center, and network infrastructures via a centralized, uniform data model while FNT GraphicCenter allows captured data and relationships to be easily viewed through interactive graphs and diagrams.

“Maintaining an overview of all relationships and dependencies is essential for the efficient operation and planning of networks and IT infrastructures,” said Steve MacDiarmid, Executive Managing Director, North America, at FNT Software. “By providing detailed graphical visualizations, FNT GraphicCenter makes it easy to plan and analyze data from ever-growing complex structures and mission-critical data relationships.”

Users can both access a variety of preconfigured templates for visualizations within FNT GraphicCenter and easily configure their own visualizations according their specific needs to support common use cases such as depicting complex network topologies from various network technologies and layers, and the visualization of an IT application infrastructure with applications, operating systems, and underlying IT server structures.

To learn more about FNT GraphicCenter, visit the corresponding product page: https://www.fntsoftware.com/en/products/fnt-graphiccenter

Register for FNT’s GraphicCenter webinar on February 17, 2022, here: https://www.fntsoftware.com/en/products/fnt-graphiccenter/webinar-easily-visualize-and-analyze-complex-infrastructure-data-with-fnt-graphiccenter


About FNT Software

FNT is a leading provider of software solutions for the integrated management of telecommunications, IT and data center infrastructure. FNT’s solutions are cloud ready and can be used worldwide as an OSS/IT management application for communications service providers, enterprises and government organizations. Over 500 companies and public authorities rely on FNT to plan, document and manage their passive and active physical, logical and virtual IT, telecommunications and data center infrastructures, from the physical level to business services. FNT’s unified resource management capabilities store this information in a vendor-agnostic uniform data model that builds a central system of record of a hybrid infrastructure. Whatever mixture of traditional on-premise IT and private, managed and public clouds an organization uses, the single source of information about all network assets that FNT provides is the key to gaining a clear understanding of overall utilization, capacities and asset status for more efficient planning, service assurance and fulfillment processes.

FNT is headquartered in Germany and has offices in the USA, Singapore, the UK and Russia. FNT offers its software in numerous countries through partnerships with market-leading IT service providers and system integrators. Further information can be found at www.fntsoftware.com.

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Steve MacDiarmid
General Manager, North America 

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